The Alliance

Success orientated community

The Alliance Fund doctrine is to deliver value to all shareholders in a regulated environment that offers both protection and profitability. Forming a community of like-minded individuals that seeks to utilise a collective strength to empower the creation of wealth.

Strength in numbers




Key Principles of The Alliance

The Alliance Fund was formed with key principles, encompassing the primary objective to unify likeminded individuals who are focused on empowering their portfolio with risk mitigated positions which return attractive levels of financial gain. Furthermore, the goal is to benefit from the depth of community, targeting a shareholder profile that enables a knowledge base that can offer advantage to the overall collective.

Our combined skill sets, delivering success orientated results over decades across large scale industry, forms a well-grounded base to implement the ethos of wealth creation, alongside supporting local community and fulfilling societal demands. Paramount to this straightforward philosophy is supply and demand characteristics. The Alliance Fund adheres to rigorous assessment criterion prior to asset acquisition, avoiding areas of saturation yet centering the discretionary position on targets, locations and assets classes of high demand in a sustainable environment.

Building a base of respect, transparency, confidence and proof of work the founders of The Alliance Fund are available on request to engage in dialogue with a qualified prospective shareholder. Sharing the knowledge of high-level achievement, and the challenges faced along the journey of successful ventures, is the bed rock to the genetic code of our business. Myself and Austin stand ready to discuss your goals and objectives, establishing synergy and ascertaining the definition of our aspiration, sustainable combined success.

Iain Crawford


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