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Full corporate and regulatory governance

The Alliance Fund operates with full corporate and regulatory governance. The structure is simple, yet effective in all areas that mitigate risk and increase efficiency with the ultimate goal of profit maximisation.

The fund framework is a structured RAIF - Registered Alternative Investment Fund. The RAIF is regulated under the AIFMD² and benefits from the corresponding EU passport regime making it an attractive structure from a time-to-market perspective and in particular when it comes to tax efficiency. Crucially for our participation, and the participation of present and future shareholders, this includes no WHT - Withholding Tax - for any participant across all mainstream jurisdictions.

Our fund governance is overseen and controlled by our AIFM, being OneWorld Plus Management, as an authorised firm to handle and manage such fund structures.

Directive 2011/61/EU is a legal act of the European Union on the financial regulation of private equity, hedge funds, real estate funds, and in general 'Alternative Investment Fund Managers' in the EU. The Alliance Fund is thus controlled by our AIFM who have full governance over each acquisition, the NAV - Net Asset Value - publications via RICS level surveyors, liquidity management, fair value to all shareholders, exit mechanisms and auditor & reporting practices.

Being supported by a highly credible and established depository and auditor ensures a secured environment to protect all participants across the complete vertical from asset acquisition to disposal and shareholder redemption.


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