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Commercial Lending

The Alliance commercial sports lending fund is designed to provide secured loans to professional football clubs in the United Kingdom that compete in League One and above. Our objective is to assist these teams in addressing the financial challenges they may encounter, through the provision of necessary funding. We firmly believe that by offering such loans, we can contribute to the teams' overall success, both on and off the field.

Our Chairman's son owns a League One club, which gives the fund access to a vast network within the football industry and an in-depth understanding of the complexities of managing a club, including potential pitfalls. Additionally, we recognise that there is a shortage of funding options in this area, which presents an opportunity for our fund to establish a reputation and scale efficiently.

To ensure the security of our investors, our loans are secured against the assets of the respective clubs. This means that in the event of default, the club's assets will be utilized to repay the loan, providing added assurance to the fund, and its shareholders. Prior to approving a loan, our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the club's financials, performance history, loan repayment track record, and potential for growth. This thorough examination process is implemented to ensure that loans are only provided to clubs that have a very strong likelihood of success.

Furthermore, the fund maintains close communication with the clubs to ensure regular financial reporting and monitoring, as well as conduct regular meetings to discuss the club's performance and progress.

In conclusion, our commercial sports lending fund is committed to offering funding solutions to professional football clubs in the United Kingdom that compete in League One and above, while also providing our shareholders with a unique and profitable investment opportunity.

By working together, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of football in the United Kingdom for many years to come.

Real Estate Development

The Alliance Fund targets prime assets based on a strict set of criteria to increase profitability and reduce exposure to risk. In the funds real estate cell, as should be expected with all property led endeavours, geographical feasibility and prowess leads the way in the carefully considered selection process. Stringent situational supply and demand metrics must be met in order to progress to the next stage of the due diligence process

Comprehensive analysis is then undertaken in relation to micro & macro-economic conditions that impact and/or benefit the situational scenario for each asset considered or tabled to the board of the fund. Thereafter, a competitor landscaping profile - including comparable price sensitivity - is produced to showcase and understand the surrounding product mix ensuring a cohesive and reliable exit mechanism.

Further detailed profiles are produced to define the characteristics of the end user within the environment put forward. In simple terms we sternly appraise the demographic pool attributed to the location in question. This enables the velocity and veracity of the realisation of harvest from each individual asset engagement.

A supply chain schematic is created, alongside quantitative survey reports to mitigate time delays of product delivery, ensuring on or before time completions and maximisation of profits from each asset under management. Time penalties are incurred from the side of professional services employed to diminish delivery delays in the construction environment.

An overarching delivery index is utilised which includes multiple strategies to protect against national or indeed global 'Black Swan' events. Finally, a detailed asymmetrical risk profile governs the final decisions taken to put forward the asset under consideration to the funds AIFM. In conclusion, the process for acquisition is deeply rooted in risk mitigation and profit maximisation for the fund, and in turn, all of its shareholders.


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