Alliance Real Estate Fund

Strategy Fundamentals




End-to-end Real Estate Development

The Alliance Fund Real Estate Cell predominantly focuses on acquiring land with planning permission in high-growth secondary and tertiary locations within the UK. The fund's objective is to build small-scale developments with an expected bottom-line profit of over 20%.

The focus on secondary and tertiary locations is a key strategy of the Fund. These areas often have lower land prices, making them more attractive for small-scale developments. Additionally, these areas are often in high-growth regions, making them an attractive option for investors looking for strong returns on their investment.

Mitigating development risk is a key area of focus for the fund. This is achieved by working with highly experienced development partners who have a proven track record of delivering successful projects. These partners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that each development is executed to the highest standard.

In line with this risk management strategy, the fund will only look to develop a maximum of 16 units per plot, this way the fund is able to efficiently manage each project and ensure that there are no delays to the construction schedule, or any unnecessary cost overruns.


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