Human Capital Ethos




Founding principles

Adhering to regulatory laws, overseen by our appointed AIFM, is set as the minimum standard to sustain a rigid level of securitisation for the Alliance Fund. The founding principles have committed to protecting the seed capital injection they have deployed alongside the same level of protection afforded to all shareholders. Within this commitment is the undertaking to remain fully compliant at all times throughout the life of the fund.

Compliance within both shareholder on-boarding and asset acquisitions are the pivotal components to maintain a high standard of both corporate and regulatory governance. In relation to on-boarding new shareholders, our AIFM oversees the KYC and AML protocols to the highest standard as set out by the regulator. A shareholder will automatically qualify to the 'well informed' status due to the level of capital invested. Whereas, beneath the automatic 'well informed' status, regulatory compliance requires an enhanced degree of documentation to prove an individual's suitability.

Distributed dividends and capital performance payments per the fund structure require no application of WHT - withholding tax - and as such, shareholders are responsible for their individual declarations to their local tax authority. The Alliance Fund complies to the standards and regulations as set out by the AIFM, the appointed depository and the overseeing auditor.

The AIFM - OneWorld Plus Management - adheres to the regulatory requirements as set out by the depository and the established banking partners to both receive and distribute shareholder capital. All prevailing terms and conditions can be found in the funds appendix, which has been approved and signed off by the regulator, are available on request once qualification standards are met.


Corporate Affiliations

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