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Performance and reporting

The Alliance Fund performance and the reporting of the performance is paramount to the clarity and transparency of the funds ongoing position. Seeking longer term sustainable success is led by consistently communicating with all current and future shareholders. Within a constantly evolving global market, the value of insight to the attributes and challenges faced for any fund is critical to a harmonious community.

Monthly reports and valuations seek to deliver confidence and up to date knowledge of the deliverance of the funds goals and objectives. Structured and regulatory standard NAV's, conducted through accrued values of debt positions alongside equity holding values, enable the funds goal to convey the financial position of the fund on a frequent basis.

The prevailing shareholder confidence thereafter, enhances the fund's standing and overall appeal to attract further participants, in turn, leading to greater buying power and overall profitability.

Performance is additionally increased through the control of investment deployed. In many cases our assets under management are owned and developed by the principles of the fund in order to provide full oversight, and therefore, amplify the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Whilst many funds simply allocate investment into external companies, the Alliance Fund looks to control the full vertical by also developing assets that its founders own and manage on a daily basis. Full disclosure and fair value to shareholders is undertaken to further increase transparency and remove any conflict of interest.

Where the fund invests into external opportunities, a strict policy of asset backed is employed. There is no alternative to this policy as the fund seeks maximum securitisation for its capital and tactical deployment. An exclusive ethos of highly profitable acquisitions, residing in high demand environments with a supply shortage dynamic, are the minimum watermark requirement for the portfolio of the fund.


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