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A commercial synergy

The Alliance Fund seeks a high level of security to protect its long-term values and goals. This is the core driver behind operating in a regulatory arena, overseen by a hugely credible AIFM and additional external professional services, including an independent depository and auditor.

A key part of this regulatory governance is to oversee the suitability and eligibility of every member of our community, being stakeholder participants. Within this forum of suitability, we seek, and will exclusively engage, with 'well informed investors' who prove their status through a smooth KYC process. The structure is led by regulatory laws that decree automatic status qualification through a minimum level of capital invested, or at lower levels, through a suitability assessment. Both categories safeguard the fund's objectives to form relevant and beneficial relationships for all participants, concluding in positive performance for all shareholders who form the Alliance Fund community.

In general terms 'well informed investors' are able to adequately assess the characteristics and risks associated with a position within the fund.

Typically defined as institutional investors, professional investors and investors who have confirmed in writing, via our straightforward on-boarding application, that they have conducted an appropriate level of due diligence to a 'well informed' level.

Our AIFM, OneWorld Plus Management, conducts the required checks to verify a prospective shareholder in order to protect the integrity of the fund, and to abide by the regulatory laws under which the fund operates.

Following these standards provides a safeguard to allow a like-minded community and consistency for all participants objectives. Intellectual value is targeted alongside financial standing to amplify the power of the community and its shared objective of success. Seeking a skill set mix whereby the community can harbour shared knowledge to further empower the direction is one of the fund's strategic goals.


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