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A commercial synergy

The Alliance fund was conceived at the outset of the global pandemic in 2020. A business meeting between old friends in relation to supporting the supply chain for PPE, coupled with a combined interest in real estate acquisitions for medical product manufacturing, saw Iain and Austin formulate a business plan that would focus on the commercial opportunities offered by the global health crisis. Whilst global economies were heavily challenged in the wake of market destabilisation, it was clear that their combined strengths and experience within real estate, manufacturing, supply chain management, venture capital and general successful business acumen would form a formidable partnership. And so… The Alliance Fund was born.

Iain and Austin share the ethos that strength in numbers, where applied correctly, can benefit a collective. The ideal environment for this ideology is a Fund, within a regulatory framework to protect all participants, where the fortitude of the cumulative community can utilise a unified buying power to maximise positive impact on the return on investment.

Alongside the drive to achieve sustainable and attractive returns, Iain and Austin see opportunity to benefit communities in society where a shortage in supply of high demand products, be it in real estate or any other major sector, can and will address the needs of society at a grass root level. As an example, a shortage in affordable housing or indeed supplying the needs of families migrating outside of urban environments is a shift in societal behaviour. In commercial terms, this presents an opportunity to benefit the collective financially and also morally. Profitability is based in numeric rationale yet there is no price that can be placed on social responsibility. The Alliance Fund aims to meet the needs of shareholders via financial gain whilst delivering a level of social responsibility that meets the needs of society in specific arenas.

After establishing understanding of very similar corporate objectives, Iain and Austin's next progressive step was to establish a framework where a Fund could protect invested capital, for themselves as founding shareholders and future participants alike. Ensuring regulatory governance to suit a diverse range of shareholders, heralding from the international arena, required regulatory oversight that suited prospective shareholders from multiple jurisdictions. A RAIF structure was deemed highly suitable due to its coverage from MIFID allowing for EU passporting and compliance to a continental regulatory framework. The compliant governance, including a full suite of AIFM services, covering setting marketing standards, raising private capital, remuneration policies, risk monitoring, audited reporting and overall accountability is paramount to shareholder protection.

Relevant to the objectives set out at formation for the Alliance Fund, a comprehensive search was made to source an experienced, reputable and appropriately skilled AIFM provider. Carefully considered post a shortlist process, Iain and Austin decided to engage the services of OneWorld Plus Management, led by Paul Pavli. Meetings with Paul and his team ascertained alignment and the facilitation of risk management to conserve acute security for all participants, present and future.

Paul is a deeply experienced financial professional with over 30 years in banking and fund management, whilst at a corporate level the OneWorld Group promotes 33 years in operation and is currently responsible for over $5bn worth of assets across the European continent.


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