Iain Crawford

As the CEO of Alliance, Iain is responsible for running all facets of the business and brings extensive knowledge within the areas of strategic growth, leadership and supply chain management.


Strategic Growth

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CEO & Co-Founder

  • Iain was educated in Perth, Scotland and started his career as a golfer, representing his country at an amateur level before turning professional at the age of 17.

    When injury curtailed his promising professional golf career in 1994, he entered the retail sales industry. in 1998 Iain was headhunted to join the management team at Ansell Healthcare, being one of the largest medical consumables companies in the world. His success over 6 years at Ansell Healthcare led to a directorship position in 2004 with the Wenaas Group, a leading global workwear firm, which at the time was rapidly expanding into the PPE sector.

    In 2006, again headhunted, Iain once more took a vertical step in becoming the Managing Director of Bodyguards UK, specifically focused on the disposable glove industry throughout Europe. The business grew to a £35 million turnover within 4 years before being sold to its largest competitor. Most notably, in 2013 Iain founded Supermax Healthcare Europe.
  • Under Iain's leadership, and in just 6 short years, Supermax rapidly became one of the largest disposable glove companies in Europe, reaching a turnover of £367.6 million in the financial year 2020-2021. Notably, at the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, Iain fulfilled an order for 88 million units supplied directly, and distributed throughout the NHS in the United Kingdom. The total supply volume throughout the pandemic exceeded 2 billion units as Iain and his team supported the fight against the spread of the virus globally.

    To this day Supermax continues to increase its market share and is currently responsible for producing 12% of the world's latex examination gloves.

    Iain also offers consultancy services to businesses in the medical and healthcare supplies industry through IRC Consulting, helping various companies with sales, marketing, supply chain management and strategic planning.
  • Iain is married to the lovely Kelly, has 4 beautiful children and mainly resides in Lincolnshire, England. Iain is a seasoned investor through IRC Investments – providing investment, business support, knowledge and experience to a variety of industries including the sports sector, property development and electric vehicles.

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