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Tactical approach

The Alliance Fund case studies are a critical part of our tactical approach to asset acquisition, development, management and disposal, allowing the fund to target sector leading performance metrics. Following a universally recognised structure, the case studies aim to deliver live examples of our strategic approach to obtain ongoing profitability for all shareholders.

An introduction in each study details the case in question including the background and any previous assessments made, as such to update and pinpoint any and all evolutionary features. The study then seeks to table the aims and objectives including specific conclusions we are trying to achieve. Thereafter, the method outlines how the study was undertaken , and incorporates what research was carried out in order to collect the relevant data and pertinent observations. Subsequently, results are published to disclose what conclusions were obtained and how these conclusions are applied to our acquisition strategy and existing assets under management.

An open-source discussion, such as board meeting minutes and community forum feedback are appended to support full shareholder transparency and to fulfil the objective of collective knowledge growth. Each case study offers a recommendation from the findings and sets a benchmark for further specific analysis where scale opportunities are present.


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