Paul Pavli

Paul Pavli is an experienced financial services professional with over 30 years in Banking & Fund Management.

Fund Manager


Business Development

Lending Specialist

Compliance Expert

Banking MBA

Portfolio Manager

  • For over 10 years, Paul was a Director of one of Cyprus’s largest private Fund Managers and AIFM with some 20 active third party funds. Paul was responsible for operations, business development and the growth of the business from a start-up.

    Paul has strong expertise in alternative assets and property fund management, with many years in property lending in Australia giving him valuable insight into this asset class. Paul has obtained an MBA majoring in Banking. He is also a holder of the Advanced Certificate of CySEC (CN2744).
  • More recently Paul has launched a new third party AIFM and UCITS ManCO, Oneworld Plus Management, offering services to funds across Europe including Luxembourg and Cyprus. Oneworld Plus Management forms part of OneWorld Group Ltd, responsible for over $5 billion worth of assets for 1,000 international companies and trusts across Europe. The group is an internationally acclaimed service provider and has been offering accounting, financial services, wealth management and corporate administration services to clients since it was incorporated in 1986.
  • Paul is married with two adult children, both musicians. His passions are guitars and high performance cars, with his spare time filled with trying to become a better guitar player, racing driver and car mechanic.

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