Jessica Paige

As the Head of Research of Alliance, Jessica leads a team that specialises in collating relevant market data and reports to the board to aid the strategic direction of the fund.

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Head of Research

  • Jessica is the Head of Research for the Alliance Fund and utilises her MSc in Business Analysis to provide critical data insights to forge the strategic direction of the platform. Jessica obtained her graduate and postgraduate qualifications from the University of Westminster and started her professional career with Merril Lynch as a FinTech Business Analyst which included cross over project work with the Bank of America. She specialises in data assessment and collation, to provide frequent reports on commercial application to financial components of the relevant markets and economic drivers.

    Born and mostly raised in west London, Jessica found a passion for numbers at an early age, due in part to her father being a CFO for one of the UK’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Jessica is well travelled and has spent a number of years in Canada as her family was based there due to her mothers ballet career but returned to London as Jessica finished her education in the UK’s capital.
  • Jessica has been focused on supporting the board since early 2021 with relevant data reviews to support the direction of the fund and its acquisitions, alongside building a team to bolster the shareholder resource centre and add value to the community with market trends and current day technical analysis. Her main priorities include reporting to the CEO and connecting shareholders with like minded goals to increase the intellectual pool at the Alliance Fund.

    She launched the Investor Guides in Q1 2022 to bring value to the shareholder community by keeping the group fully abreast of fundamental financial aspects within the international arena.
  • In her spare time Jessica has a passion for health and well being, attending the gym 5 times per week alongside martial arts classes with a lean to Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Jessica also plays the piano to a Grade 7 standard and has an ambition to play at a classical concert level in the years to come.

    She also has a deep caring for the environment and follows a strict routine to reduce her, and her households, carbon footprint.

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The Alliance Fund Board of Directors is a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, who all have an in-depth knowledge and fluency in delivering results across various industries.

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