Dena O’Mahony

Dena is a holder of Master of Laws (LL.M.) and AML Certification by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Legal Officer

Compliance Expert

Corporate Banking

Global Jurisdictions

Regulatory Framework

Master of Laws

Legal Officer and AMLCO

  • Dena is an experienced professional in the field of financial services, specializing in legal and corporate matters for legal entities (private companies, public companies, partnerships, trusts and investment funds) registered in Cyprus as well as many other European/global jurisdictions.

    Dena has strong knowledge on Corporate Banking, Investments, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and Regulatory framework.
  • Dena coordinates the corporate legal department and anti-money laundering function of One World Plus Management, a licensed AIFM in Cyprus, as the person responsible for the legal affairs and Regulatory Compliance of the entire corporation.

    Dena's responsibilities are strongly related to the development principles of good corporate governance and codes of best practices, anti-money laundering, compliance programs of the AIFM, as well as review, drafting, and execution of all legal and corporate requests falling within the context of the daily administration of the AIFM, including on-boarding investors, family offices and investment funds.
  • Staying true to her principles, Dena's free time is spent on maintaining personal relationships, reading, mindfulness, homesteading, exercising (Pilates & Yoga sessions) and travelling. Dena is also an active member and participates on a regular basis in associations and non-profit organizations in Cyprus, such as the Latin Catholic Community of the Republic of Cyprus, Italian-Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Oxygono Platform. Her passion is the reform and modernization of the country to improve the quality of living for citizens in all aspects of public life - such as health, economy, education, justice, foreign policy, research and entrepreneurship.

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