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Strategy Fundamentals




Annualised return

From a financial standpoint, the annualised return targeted by the Alliance fund from any and all AUM (Assets Under Management) is set at 24%.

This rate of return has been calculated by using a detailed algorithm that is programmed to apply asymmetric risk-reward ratios whilst taking into consideration KPM's, micro & macro-economic factors and specific comparable product profiles. The Alliance Fund retains a stern approach to risk mitigation whilst understanding in depth development profitability. The formula utilised ensures maximum profitability during a broad spectrum of market conditions.

Whilst the target rate is set to enable a floor of 24%, the reality is for a greater level of return in various AUM positions with no ceiling limit applied. The fund targets sector leading returns that offer acute levels of insurance which are derived by robust features to protect the deployment of capital and subsequent profit. Asset backed positions are a prerequisite to all investments for the fund.

Diversification across asset classes, geographic locations and key industries, lead to strengthen the funds ability to produce positive performance in share value over a short, medium, and long-term basis to fulfil the funds obligation to all participants.

Deep dive developer and development profiles are established as part of a gold standard feasibility report. Full disclosure is undertaken to the board, all existing shareholders and pre-qualified prospective shareholders to ensure complete transparency within the Alliance Fund community.

Debt, equity, or blended debt & equity positions, are prioritised to aid heightened security and deliver returns that suit the range of time sensitive strategies laid out in the funds investment objectives. All acquisition targets are assessed internally by the board and externally by our AIFM to benefit from regulatory oversight and increased corporate governance.


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