Defining and achieving objectives

The Alliance Fund retains a core strategy to acquire assets with lucrative characteristic residing in an environment underpinned by a supply shortage, predicated by demand. Achieving a sound contingency profile through the tactical deployment of capital across a diverse range of asset class, sectors and key strategic locations.

Strategy Fundamentals




Our Investment Strategy

For a combined 75 years our founders have honed their entrepreneurial skills through building successful businesses across major industry, from real estate, to medical product supplies and large-scale trading of consumables in the marine and aviation industries. A key focus has been placed on long term value perspective, in the knowledge that longevity is an essential component of delivering success and success at market leading levels.

Led by extensive research, coherent and critical risk analysis through a detailed understanding of macro and micro economic influence, our board is succinctly placed to follow a core strategy through any market climate, bearish or bullish, to ultimately achieve the same result, profitability.

In establishing a portfolio of prosperity, the Alliance Fund has acquired and will continue to acquire assets that deliver on the key objectives laid out in a doctrine that duly delivers time and time again. The purchase price must make sense, the situation of an asset acquired has to appeal to the targeted end user, the volume of end users must outweigh the supply line level or forecasted supply line level, the product delivered as a prerequisite must out perform any and all competition at the same or similar price level.

To protect a participant the planning process must adhere to strict feasibility characteristics, including an adversity to self-interest. Assets acquired must at all times benefit the collective and not specific individuals. We must above all conduct our business to both the letter and the spirit of the laws, regulations and ethical standards that govern us.

The most important assets are our shareholders, without them we cannot avail of the 'strength in numbers' that supports all other company objectives. We care for our shareholders every day; we communicate with our shareholders at a level that suits the individual yet certainly will never fall short or be called into question. When our shareholders succeed, we succeed and the symbiotic nature of a fund environment ensures the reversal of this relationship structure. To ensure this philosophy we employ the services of our AIFM, who in turn employs further professional service which both complies with the regulatory framework we operate in, yet crucially protects all participants, including ourselves.

Our strategy is simple, plan, protect and profit. Thereafter, we celebrate our collective strength and enjoy the relationships we build every step of the way.


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