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The Alliance Fund forms a confluence of strategically minded investors who seek attractive investment returns whilst mitigating exposure to uncertainty. Suitability is defined via substantive objectives and once aligned result in a collective fortitude.

Human Capital Ethos




philosophy and core objectives

The Alliance Fund was formed with its brand name at the heart of our overarching philosophy and core objectives. The definition of the brand is indeed rather apt:

A union or association formed for mutual benefit. A relationship based on similarity of interests, nature, or qualities.

With this definition, the Alliance Fund was born. Created out of desire to establish a community of collective intellectual benefits which intern empowers the cumulative excellence in which our fund seeks to operate. Furthermore, buying power aids and embellishes the drive to mutually benefit all shareholders with enhanced prosperity and profitability. Portfolio strength of the fund is acutely targeted at portfolio performance for each individual within the Alliance community.

Whilst our founders planted the first flag for the fund, by deploying large levels of relevant expertise, time and indeed shareholder capital, each subsequent shareholder raises the flag higher to further the reach, knowledge base and acquisition aptitude of the group. Fundamentally, we are increasing the fortitude of the fund through the onboarding of suitable like-minded community members and shareholders.

Although our primary objective is profitability, it is indeed crucial to note that we seek shareholders who also value social and civic responsibility. Prosperity only becomes valuable if societal needs are met and wider communities are benefited by the work conducted by our fund and its core objectives. Profit should not exclusively be tied to financial gain. We seek profits for our end users whether that be financially or indeed through meeting the needs for our end users. We target scenarios whereby we bridge the gap for essential goods that are short in supply and essential for societal enhancement.

To ensure a like-minded and intelligent community that delivers value for all participants, the Alliance Fund adheres to regulatory guidelines in onboarding only suitable individuals who are deemed as 'well informed' and can testify to relevant experience and wealth to meet the standards required.


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