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Defining the appropriate decision

The Knowledge Hub is designed to empower your insight into the space in which we operate and ultimately the assets we acquire. We wish to transmit the concept that having and sharing knowledge is the cornerstone of sound decision making, thereafter all achievements emanate from this philosophy.

Empower your decision making process




empowerment through education

The Knowledge Hub within the Alliance fund has one fundamental objective, empowerment through education and analysis.

Registered community members gain insight into a sphere of the very latest relevant market data, from macro economic influence all the way to specific asset appraisals on a granular level. The task of the Knowledge Hub is to appraise, analyse and distil information that grants and supports the community to remain to be 'well informed' and in touch with the constantly moving market place we operate within.

Specific research allows strategic decisions to be made within a timescale that affords the maximisation of return on investment. Acquisitions that provide the highest level of profitability are often opportunities that move on and off market with haste. The Alliance Fund and its dedicated research team is tuned to assess and evaluate market trends on a national and international level, to ensure trends are measured and applied to the community ecosystem. In turn strategic decisions made are made from a fully educated standpoint.

Within the Knowledge Hub our shareholders and prospective shareholders can avail of a full raft of pertinent data including, but not limited to, feasibility reports, acquisition target appraisals, existing asset performance, NAV's - Net Asset Values, trend reports, development & delivery updates, changes in law, tax efficiency structures, industry data announcements, fund cash flow reporting, audited accounts, stock market charting, planning applications and detailed case studies.

All reporting is sourced from highly credible sources, such as the Office for National Statistics, government department declarations and relevant super major high street brands. All reports are offered in a long tail and short tail version to allow straightforward digestion or detailed analysis. The conclusion is educated success, in a timeframe that suits each shareholder at any given time.


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