Ninety One launches global sustainable equity strategy

13 April 2022 - 10:57 am

Ninety One has launched a concentrated, active, long-term global equity solution focused on identifying “sustainability leaders”.

The new Global Sustainable Equity Strategy, which is managed by Stephanie Niven, will complement Ninety One’s existing sustainable capabilities, including Global Environment, UK Sustainable Equity and Global Multi Asset Sustainable Growth.

Niven said: “We believe the world’s measure of success is shifting from the zero-sum game – where shareholder value is maximised at the expense of other stakeholders – into a world where considering multiple stakeholders in business decisions creates greater value for all.”

Ninety One names emerging market and sustainable equity PM

To identify companies which are likely to remain as sustainability leaders in the future, Niven and her team will use an assessment of externalities beyond carbon and incorporate an appraisal of corporate culture.

Ninety One’s approach of combining externalities and corporate culture evaluations with a disciplined investment approach helps to select companies with “enduring competitive advantages at attractive market valuations”.

Mimi Ferrini, co-chief investment officer at Ninety One, said: “The broadening of our global sustainable equity offering is another milestone in Ninety One’s drive to put sustainability at the core of our business.

“However, providing sustainability with substance is key, and it is imperative that we develop solutions to address the challenges investors are facing as the world transitions to a more sustainable growth model.”